Richard K. Larson
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Department of Linguistics
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY  11794-4376
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Richard Kurth Larson, Ph.D. 1983, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Richard Larson held appointments at the University of Pennsylvania (1984-85) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1985-1989), before joining the faculty at the University at Stony Brook, where he is currently Professor of Linguistics.

His research has examined a wide variety of topics in syntax and semantics, including relative and adverbial clauses, NP adverbs, disjunctions, prepositional phrases, double objects and clausal complements. It has also involved a wide variety of languages, including Warlpiri, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Persian, Zazaki, Gilaki and Pashto. He has published numerous research articles, and is author/co-author of two linguistics textbooks. His current research is in two major areas: the structure and projection of nominals (DPs), and the realization of semantic intensionality in grammar.

In addition to linguistics research, he has worked in the area of undergraduate science education in connection with the NSF-sponsored Grammar as Science Project. His contributions to developing the Syntactica and Semantica software, produced under the GAS project, were honored in 1998 by an EduCom medal, awarded in partnership between EDUCAUSE and the Linguistic Society of America. He has also received the Stony Brook President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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