Richard K. Larson - LUNA

Luna is a Bailey-Cates Moth (#2754), built around 1975 by Mr. Philip Brown of Schenectady, NY. She is 11' long, 56" wide, and is constructed of 1/8" mahogony plywood. Luna is light, fast, & easy to get into the water, but sensitive & challenging to sail. I bought her to improve my sailing skills.

LEFT: Luna with her builder, Mr. Philip Brown. RIGHT: Luna's simple, functional rigging.

RKL with Luna at Union Lake Regatta (14.Aug 04):

On the way to the first race at Union Lake:

Aqua Alert! at Sag Harbor (Luna in the foreground):

The Bailey-Cates design is an older one among classic Moth boats; the more modern, more competitive designs are mostly arrow head-shaped, but still very beautiful.

I have sailed Luna in several official Classic Moth Boat Association (CMBA) regattas, which take place all along the east coast during the sailing season (May-Oct). In addition, a group of local Moth sailors has raced at the Breakwater Yacht Club, Sag Harbor, NY ('06).

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