Richard K. Larson - LYRA

Lyra is our family boat. She is a Flying Scot (hull #5573) built for us in '04 by Flying Scot Inc. The 'Scot' was designed by Gordon "Sandy" Douglass, after he had created the Thistle, and the Highlander. Scots are medium-sized (19' long, 6'9" wide), medium weight (850lbs), sailing dinghies, with a large sail area (411 sq feet with spinnaker). They can accommodate up to eight people without crowding. Scots are "one-design" boats: all are built to identical specifications. This insures that older boats remain competitive and that crew skill remains the primary factor in racing success. (Take a virtual tour!)

LEFT: A Flying Scot, in profile. RIGHT: The Flying Scot sail plan.

Lyra's deck in the mold at FS Inc. (left). Lyra's hull coming out of the mold (right).

Reload this page and watch Lyra being delivered to our home 8.April 2004 by Flying Scot rep. Dan Neff:

There are several local Scot fleets on Long Island, which is helpful for advice and racing opportunities. During summers we take Lyra with us to the Adirondacks, where there are wonderful lakes for sailing. Here she is on Schroon Lake in July '08:

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